Nintex Forms 2010

Nintex Live Forms

Nintex Live Forms is a form hosting service that allows forms to be accessed over the internet.

You may be required to sign in before accessing the form.

Signing in to Nintex Live Forms

If the form you are trying to access has been restricted to specific users, you will need to verify your identity with one of the listed sign-in services.

The sign-in service will verify your identity through your email address, confirming that you are the owner of the email address.The email address that received the form request must be associated with the sign-in service account.

The sign-in service will ask you to allow the Nintex Live Forms application to access the service and verify your email address. Some services require authorization each time, and some provide an option to set persistent authorization. Nintex will not collect or store any of your personal information.

Signing out of Nintex Live Forms

To sign out after you've signed in and submitted a form, go to the home page of the sign-in service and sign out.

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